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Visual Deterrents, though not scientifically proven to prevent fatal shark encounters, are an affordable, theoretically effective way to reduce you and your family’s chance of falling prey to sharks.


Better Surf Team says:

  • Shark Deterrents are very topical, contentious items. Electronic devices cost hundreds of dollars and require permanent alteration to your gear. Visual deterrents offer a cheap and reversible alternative.
  • It is unlikely that there will ever be a conclusive scientific study that can say “Deterrent Y will prevent XX% of fatal shark attacks if you use it.” This is because of the complex nature of Behavioural Ecology, Marine Biology, and the great variety that exists amongst habitats, shark species, individual sharks, and the people with whom they interact.
  • While there may never be definitive studies on the topic, that’s not to say that a Deterrent Strategy isn’t right for you. We’d rather avoid being bitten than having to rely on tourniquets to save the lives of us and our loved ones. If there’s some expert watermen saying they think Shark Eyes should accomplish this, we’re happy to try them ourselves and help you and your tribe get your hands on them as well.

Manufacturer’s Description:

  • Shark Eyes is an affordable, non-invasive, visual deterrent brought to you from the grass roots- the most experienced watermen in Australian waters- abalone divers. Sharks have high visual capabilities. Shark Eyes takes away the element of surprise in predation. When the element of surprise is lost, often an attack is aborted. Mimicry is scientifically proven as a successful defence mechanism seen often in nature. Shark Eyes is simply copying what nature is already doing.

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