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Australia Wide First Aid features the Calm As…Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack

Surfer with Calm As Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack

In their recent article, Shark Attach First Aid Slam Pack, Australia Wide First Aid takes a deep dive into the movie and historical lore of shark attacks.

They look at what types of sharks bite who, plus some very useful tips on dealing with the various aspects of shark attacks.

They also take some time to talk to Dr Jon Cohen about his new Calm As…Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack. He succinctly sums up the value of having the kit on hand the next time you hit the surf.

You can bleed out from an amputated limb in under 5 minutes. Bleeding needs to be stopped ASAP.

“It’s the simplest thing you can do,” says Dr Cohen, “to save someone’s life.”

The kit is designed for immediate action to achieve just one goal: stop the victim bleeding out.

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