Calm As… Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack


The Calm As Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack was designed to do one thing, and do it well – stop people dying from shark bites. This kit lets you do it better and faster than any other kit you can buy or put together yourself – we’ve done all the legwork, found the best products and put them together in a compact, easy to use format that anyone of nearly any age or background can learn to use safely. Designed to fit snugly in your ski, and rugged enough to live in your car or boat.

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Having to deal with a real shark bite scenario would be amongst any ocean users worst nightmares. These kits were designed by Surfing Doctors, specialising in Emergency and Pre-hospital medicine to make it easier for anyone – medical or not – to save a life in the surf.

Key features

  • Comes in a water-proof roll top bag with no corroding parts, ideal for salty environments
  • Waterproof, pictorial instruction card on exactly what you need to do to stop the bleed and save a life. Pegged to the outside of the bag with no gory pictures, it’s there in the heat of the moment, and also just to look at now and again to keep you mentally prepared if you or your loved ones are ever victims of a serious shark bite
  • Includes only Australian TGA-approved, hospital and military grade components
  • Designed and hand assembled in Australia


  • Waterproof Roll top bag
  • 1x 2-sided waterproof instruction card
    • Step by step shark bite management on one side
    • Step by step arterial tourniquet activation on the other
  • 1x SWAT-T tourniquet. Easy for anyone to use, super durable and packs small and flat so you can have it with you at the point of injury
  • 1x SiCH tourniquet. Ultra Rugged Eastern European design and build. Classic “windlass” design that will keep the military and medical crowd happy, but with a couple of really nice additions that make them the most robust, easy to use and reliable windlass tourniquet for our purposes. Designed specifically to handle extremes of temperature and exposure to the elements
  • 2x 20x20cm hydrophobic “combine dressings” to cover massive wounds, keeping them clean and out of sight while waiting for help to arrive
  • 1x elastic dressing to secure the combines in place
  • 6x XL, Ultra heavy duty combat nitrile gloves to keep you clean and safe when helping others
  • Lifetime replacement warranty – if the worst ever comes to pass and you need to use this kit on a loved one or random on the beach, you’re a legend and we would be honoured to shout you a replacement (and a beer, of course).

Additional information

Weight .65 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 12 cm


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