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How to survive a shark attack

a beach scene where a surfer is being treated for a shark bite with a crowd of people around and surf board with chunk out of it

As part of Magic Seaweed’s Surf Doctor series, SA local Craig Jarvis has been tapping up the world’s best surfing doctors on what to do in some of the most dire situations you, or a friend, might find themselves in.

In his article How To Survive a Shark Attack, Craig interview’s Dr Jon Cohen and tackles some critical scenarios such as:

  • What is the biggest misconception when it comes to a shark bite and immediate treatment?
  • What are the biggest mistakes when dealing with on-the-spot shark bites?
  • Minor bite, lots of blood and drama. What do you do?
  • Major bite, loss of limb, what do you do?
  • Loss of life, massive drama on the beach, what do you do?

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