Calm As..First Aid for Surfers eBook 1st Edition


The first edition of our comprehensive Surfer’s First Aid eBook. This edition was written to accompany the first offering from Calm As…the Calm As Surf Travel Kit. Covering everything from shoulder dislocations to snakebites, from a better way to get urchin spines out to treating major haemorrhage following a shark bite, this is the must have information for all travelling surfers and parents of groms in Australia and abroad.

NOTE: Purchasing directly from this store provides you a fixed version of the book in ePUB and PDF formats. When new editions are released you will be notified through the mailing list and will require you re-downloading and manually replacing the previous version on your reader of choice. If you prefer to download directly to your reader with automatic updates when revised, you can purchase at the same price from the following digital bookstores (DRM-free).

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Better Surf team says:

Purchase of this edition gets you lifelong updates as the range of conditions covered expands, and we roll out offline video tutorials so you’ve always got a Surfing Doctor in your pocket, no matter how far off the beaten track you get.

Manufacturer’s description:

This book serves to ease you into the use of the Calm As… First Aid Kits for Surfers so that you know what to do when called upon to help. There could be nothing worse than being in a position to help someone who is injured, have the equipment necessary, and just not know what to do with it. After reading this book you’ll be better versed in the intricacies of our Surfer’s First Aid Kit.


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