Calm As…Coastal Cruiser Surfer’s First Aid Kit


Everything you need to confidently manage all of the major injuries you’ll encounter in the water, on the trail or on the road.

All contents selected by a panel of expert Surfing Doctors after decades of experience in the Emergency room, on the road and in the jungle.

A classy evolution of our initial offering, the Surfers of Bali co-branded Remote Surf Travel First Aid Kit, this beauty is made from all TGA approved, military and hospital grade equipment that our team uses on a daily basis in Australian hospitals. Road and jungle tested, the gear in our kits and the instructions that go along with them can be found in the G-Land Surfing Doctors infirmary, as well as on land camps and in boats in the Mentawais.

Comes served in a waterproof canvas rolltop bag with well thought out colour coded, transparent internal waterproof snap lock bags.

No Corroding parts. Only first Aid kit available that actually floats!

No-nonsense, clearly labelled bags are found inside. Organised by major injury categories and uses so that no matter how major or minor the injury you’re faced with, you have the gear and organisation to keep Calm As…

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BetterSurf team says:

The ONLY general surfers first aid kit that includes a legitimate, TGA approved arterial tourniquet. Period.

Manufacturer’s description:

Includes the following TGA approved, hospital quality materials:

Heavy Drama:

  • SWAT-T arterial Tourniquet (shark bite)
  • Snake Bite Bandage (snake bite)
  • Space Blanket (major trauma, near drowning)
  • XL easy fit nitrile gloves x2
  • Trauma Combine 20cm x 20cm w hydrophobic backing (major bleeding)

Bones n Joints:

  • Ultra Premium Strapping Tape – 2.5cm x 5m roll (foot wounds, sprains and fractures)
  • Triangular Bandage (shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries, improvised tourniquets)
  • 2x wooden Tongue Depressors (finger injuries, improvised tourniquets)
  • Elastic compression bandage 1.7m x 7.5cm (sprains, fractures, major bleeding)


  • 2x large transparent waterproof dressings (major lacerations if needing to surf)
  • 2x medium transparent waterproof dressings (major lacerations if needing to surf)
  • Hypafix adhesive dressing 50cm x10cm (reef rash dressing for heavier surf)
  • 2 packs of XL steristrips (major lacerations)
  • 2 packs of premium fine steristrips (facial lacerations)
  • Pack of Bandaids (bumps and bruises along the way, please dispose of responsibly – not for wearing in the ocean!)

Cut, Clean, Eyes:

  • 10x Betadine wipes (so much less mess than a jar)
  • Tissue forceps (wound management)
  • Sterile scissors (dressings)
  • 2x 30mL sterile saline ampoules (eyes, wound irrigation)
  • 5 packs of sterile gauze (wound management)
  • Sterile cotton tips (eyes / eyelid wounds, wound management)


  • 20x Alco wipes
  • 10x sterile urchin / splinter probes – absolutely essential for any tropical trip!


  • 10x med nitrile gloves


Includes lifelong updates to the Calm As Surfers First Aid book, app and video updates

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 cm


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