SiCH Tourniquet


Not as comfortable as the SWAT-T if you want something in the water with you, but probably the best tourniquet to have baking in your car or on your boat if you prefer a windlass-style tourniquet due to previous experience or training.

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Better Surf Team Says:

  • Without a doubt the most durable windlass tourniquet on the market. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, we pick this as our winner amongst the windlass style tourniquets for laypeople. It has a metal bar and clasp, solid feeling velcro and nylon that’s been shown to stand up to some pretty crazy abuse. You can’t go wrong with a CAT or a SOFT-T if that’s your preference, but if you’re new to windlass tourniquets and want something government approved and military grade, this is a great pick.
  • We love that it comes pre-configured, ready to slip over a limb straight out of the package.

Manufacturer’s Description:

  • SICH-Tourniquet (Strengthened Individual Combat Hybrid Tourniquet) is a strengthened hybrid of two famous tourniquets. It is achieved through using metal strengthening components. Due to aluminum furniture and special patented adhesive tape, integral structure and telescopic platform, this unique tourniquet stood under double pressure and worked successfully even being dirty from bleeding, from any grease or oil, and it didn’t lose its efficiency at extremely low or high temperature (-40 / +50). The tourniquet did not impact soft tissues at its application. Moreover, it can be applied with just one hand.
  • Metal fittings – Light but rather resistant duralumin fitment can stand extreme working loads.
  • No injuries – Soft coating + integral buckle and platform + incorporated patented telescopic mechanism prevent from soft tissues pinching and from their atrophy, if the tourniquet is applied.
  • Triangle for fixing – Our special patented form of triangle enables quickly and securely to fix the stick and the tail of the rope.
  • Ergonomics – No any extra millimeter. The optimal size of the platform and its holder selected an result of numerous tests conducted under extreme conditions. Maximum square area and force of holder blocking compared with other tourniquets.
  • Rope for marking – Due to special grey coating it is possible to make markings with any sharp object (bullet cartridge, nail, etc.).
  • Extra strong sticking technology – Special patented technology ensures extra strong sticking of the tape and its secure and effective operation at any state, being wet, snow-covered, dirty, in frost and heat.

Additional information

Weight .11 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 cm


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