North American Rescue® Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)


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Better Surf Team Says

The “CAT” is the gold-standard military grade arterial tourniquet. Field tested in the fields of Iraq, Afghanistan and countless other battle fields, it is the leading arterial tourniquet worldwide. While it doesn’t offer the same ability to be taken into the ocean with you that the SWAT and Omna tourniquets do, and the price-tag is a bit hefty, this is our favourite tourniquet to have on the beach or in the car as a backup. This device has saved the lives of over 1000 civilians and military personnel since the start of the “Global War on Terror”. Barack Obama wanted every man, woman and child in the US to know how to use one. It’s our goal to train up as many surfers and ocean lovers as we can in how to use them – the CAT is the go-to “on the beach” tourniquet to have on hand if life-threatening bleeding results from your ocean activities.

Manufacturer’s Description

The most universally accepted and used tourniquet to prevent death from limb loss. The choice of the US Military and numerous military and civilian response units around the world. Tried and True, made in the USA.


Despite the proven effectiveness of the Combat Application Tourniquet®, the new C-A-T® GEN7 goes even further toward making it easier and faster to use. All six components of the Combat Application Tourniquet® have been re-designed and improved on the C-A-T® GEN7.

  1. Single Routing Buckle – Decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, simplified training with single protocol application standards.
  2. Windlass Rod – Increased diameter, enhanced strength, aggressive ribbing improves grip.
  3. Windlass Clip – Bilateral beveled entry, rapid windlass lock, bilateral buttress, added strength.
  4. Windlass Strap – New reinforced strap, gray color for tactical considerations (Black only)
  5. Stabilization Plate – Reinforced, beveled contact bar, improved comfort.
  6. Free-moving Internal Band – Patented band within band, truly even distribution of circumferential pressure.

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