Calm as… First Aid Kit for Surfers


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Well thought out first aid kit for you or your loved ones next surf trip. Nice looking padded, water-resistant bag with plenty of room to add in your other medical goodies like tablets, potions and snake-oil. Great starting point for laypeople and medical professionals alike wanting to sort themselves / their crew out when far from medical backup.

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Better Surf Team Says:

Best Commercially available First Aid Kit for surfers that we’re aware of. Designed by emergency doctors who surf, for surfers that may not have tons of medical knowledge. No hard edges so you can throw it straight into your board bag / coffin on your next surf trip. Light enough at 0.55kg that it won’t weigh your bags down, but has everything a surfer needs to completely sort out the simple stuff like urchins / splinters / sand stuck in the eyes. Also has everything needed to provide professional first aid for more serious injuries until you can get to higher level help, like at a local hospital (shoulder dislocations, broken arms, deep lacerations other wounds). Includes an ultra-high quality tensor bandage that’s designed for managing venomous snakebites, but is perfectly suited for early management of fractures and sprains

Manufacturer’s Description:

This kit is specifically designed for surfers to be able to throw into their board bag and forget about it until needed. Comes in an “esky” backpack bag with water resistant interior lining and some thermal protection. Inside you’ll find the items packed into 6 ultra-high quality resealable plastic bags, each labelled with the condition the bag’s intended to treat and it’s contents. Includes hospital-grade medical equipment from Australian suppliers:


– 10x medium storm black gloves (ultra high quality, won’t tear)


– 10x splinter probes (“secret sauce” for removing urchins)

– 20x alcowipes

– 100cm strapping tape (stays on in the surf)


– 1x 20×20 hydrophobic combine (soaks up massive bleeding)

– 1x 10×10 hydrophobic combine (soaks up massive bleeding)


– 1x pack of 10 bandaids

– 2x small steristrips (“butterfly sutures” for fine wounds)

– 1x large steristrips (“butterfly sutures” for massive gashes)

– 2x small transparent water-proof dressings

– 1x large transparent water-proof dressing

– Fixomul 50x10cm (stays on in the surf)

Bones N Joints

– 1x triangular bandage (upper limb injuries / lash for improvised tourniquet)

– 2x tongue depressors (finger splints / windlass for improvised tourniquet)

– 1x snakebite bandage

Cut N Clean

– 5x3packs of gauze

– 3x30mL Saline

– 5x sterile cotton tips

– Sterile tweezers (hospital grade stainless)

– Sterile scissors (hospital grade stainless)

Additional information

Weight .65 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


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